Shatea Lashell Shontay Ford, known professionally as SHATEA, is an American rapper, dancer, singer-songwriter and actress. Born and raised in Rockford, IL, SHATEA performed in various local talent and dancing competitions while growing up. Starting at age 7, she was a part of a rap trio group that consisted of her brother, her sister and herself. Years after retiring from their rap group, SHATEA continued to pursue music independently. SHATEA comes from a high crime/poverty stricken community where opportunities are very limited. She decided that it was time to show her full potential, chase her dreams and reach beyond the stars.

She has now relocated to San Diego, California to continue to pursue and establish her music career as an artist. Her first single debut was “Marinate” which caught the attention of local San Diego radio stations such as Z90.3 and KNSJ 89.1 who aired the single. The music video to the single reached over 48k views via social media. With the rise of popularity attracting new supporters both from the Midwest and Westcoast, SHATEA then debuted another single called “Fun & Dreams” on June 4th of 2019.

SHATEA’s Fun & Dreams single and video reached over 120k viewers in 2 weeks, which were made up of both supporters and music business executives alike. SHATEA has made her mark in the music industry as a independent artist. Her main goal is to continue to focus on establishing herself as a mainstream artist, building business relations and making herself a household name.